CES solutions help utilities, service providers, commercial companies, facility managers, engineers, architects and home owners increase energy efficiency, enhance safety and utilize renewable energy sources with centralized energy management and control powered by smart switch technology. This centralized approach also offers a compelling infrastructure alternative for the emerging electric vehicle market.





Commercial and Residential Energy Management

CES solutions easily integrate into a residential or commercial buildings, campuses, or onsite electricity installations, offering architects, developers, and building managers a complete, centralized system for cost savings and more efficient energy distribution, usage, and monitoring. [more...]




Smart Network Management and Renewable Source Integration

CES systems enable utilities, energy companies and system integrators to benefit from the advantages of smart networks, with holistic, robust and flexible energy management solutions that help level peak demand and optimize the usage of renewable energy sources. [more...]




Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure

The transition to electric vehicles involves overcoming numerous infrastructure challenges, among them establishing residential charging solutions and vast networks of charging stations. CES' patented smart-switch technology offers a new approach for public and private parking lots, fleet depots, office parks, and housing developments with a holistic, centralized, verifiable, and flexible system. [more...]